Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Happy Abstractionist

It has taken 43 years to learn how to hear the heart and follow it's delicate poetry. To see that the heart has the window view to my soul and that the mind does not have true direction until it learns to speak one of the many forms of language that the heart speaks.

It is the secret for me that has allowed me to move out of a lengthy bed of depression without pharmaceuticals or any other substance to alter the weighty mood. I feel blessed to have the desire to pursue the sensitivities of the artist, this has encouraged the multi communicative nature of the heart.

As I begin upon the journey my heart has liberated my perspectives on to, I feel drawn towards the intellectual examination of the edited nature of the complex human. Where the heart is seen and heard speaking of life experience and perhaps the clear vision of soul thats found in the poetry of everyday living.

...If my heart were the beacon that collects the dross of human romance than it is my hands that are the catalyst that pours forth the elixir on to the pages and canvases of my many visual life journals.

"Once A Day Shuttle" 4'X4' 
This painting is from the visual journal, "Hand Me Downs"

These days of soulful viscosity that plies my creative expression I hold my Husband Michael (my hearts' whisperer) as the guiding nurturer and as such is the romantic skipper of my creative houseboat, The Happy Abstractionist.