Monday, July 25, 2011

Kabu, the Japanese Word for Turnip

Maybe not quite a turnip but most definitely a turn-up. A cute little chub of a turnip/turn-up. Our newly acquired Dachshund came with the unfortunate name of Paris which with it came some nasty insinuations. It was apparent that the previous family that owned her named her Paris as a reference to Paris Hilton. This was made even more apparent by the nine or ten year old boys who use to own or know her while walking past her in her new fenced in yard would on their way home from school, call out her name and make lewd humping movements while giggling and slugging each other.

Poor girl, no wonder she did not come by that name when I called her. It was an absolute,  her name had to change. We were calling her a little turn-up since she starting coming into our lives. We had already nic named two of our other Dachshunds with Japanese words. Rain is a toasted sesame seed, Go Ma and Wolf was called a fat man, Ho Tia. Once I made eye contact with her and tried out the new word Kabu as possible name on her, her whole demeanor seemed to change. She got perky and wiggled her whole body franticly and acted like the word sounds to me. It was a take, she accepted the name and has joyously responded to it ever since.

Awe, our sweet little Turnip!!!

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