Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dachshund, In Through an Open Door

About a year after we had acquired our half Dachshund half Kelpie brother and sister pups, Rain and Wolf that upon arriving from one of our car rides a sweet little blonde colored Dachshund jumped into our lives through an open door. Rain and Wolf loved her straight away. She jumped in the car like she owned it, wagging her tail excitedly, licking us franticly as if she had been long awaiting our arrival. She greeted us home. She fit right in. My husband, holding her like some long awaited golden charm asks me with those big irresistible puppy dog eyes of his, "Can we keep her". I was slightly hesitant because we already had two and I did not think I wanted any more animals in my life when we got them. So, as if I never had a reasonable thought or any will of my own which it seems I do not when it comes to the charms of my Husband and the pound of his beating heart, I hear myself say, "Yes". Yes it seems is a good answer for me as well because as soon as I say yes, I feel excited I accepted her into our lives. 

I'm convinced now, me and my husband are really easy.

We carry her into the house and let her loose. She scarfs up food and laps up water franticly. We notice that she has developing teats. She's pregnant! No collar and her fur is coarse, a sure sign to me that she needs more nutrients in her diet. I'm on the phone to the vet in an instant. and my husband is introducing her to the doggie door and the fenced in yard. Once the vet appointment is made I'm happily attending our new family member and witnessing her introduction to our family  when I hear children calling out in search of a lost loved something down the road. My head cocks a little to one side looking towards my husband with my body slightly collapsing in disappointment. I ask him if he thinks they are looking for her. Booming from down the road we hear, "PARIS", " PAAARIS". My husband with his head pointed down, I hear him growls out his guilty admittance, " Yes". Now my head cocked in judgment and disbelief because I can tell he knew she was not as stray as he was allowing me to assume she was. We hold a moments steely stare between us and he manages in his gruff defiant biker guy type way, " Yes, but they don't deserve her". I roll my eyes at him and narrow in my hawk eye on him. Considering her condition and our concern for her, I did know what he meant by his comment. Still, I can't believe it. I mean how would we explain our having her in our yard when these children walk by in the future. I tell him we can't just keep someone else's dog we have got to return her. I wave to the children down the road from us. Yelling the question, are they looking for their dog. They came quickly to retrieve her.  I ask my husband to lift her over the fence to them. They are very happy to receive her and tell us they can't seem to keep her in the yard, she is some kind of Houdini dog.

After the children are out of earshot my husband grovels so that I might hear, "Houdini dog, my ass".

Later that week we went to our favorite bar, "Horses to Harley's" (where we got our two original pups, Rain and Wolf and also got married a couple years before) and had a good 'ol time sharing with our buddies there my husbands' soft hearted animal loving antics.  

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