Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Color Wheel Of Perception, Cinderella Story Examination

Out from my early childhood years and into young adulthood, at this stage the development of my mind translated some of Cinderella's story into a poor poor Cinderella who suffers a grave injustice with so may unpleasant things being done to her. I correlated her story to my own life experiences and the exposure I had to spiritual teachings. I looked at her story as a moral example of Christian values like being a servant to God, which also translated itself to servant to man, about forgiveness and a mild temperament. In spite of the fact that our subconscious is in continual process with all life accumulated materials we can only interpret stories especially elusive stories like fairy tales with the information we are exposed to in life. For me it is comparable to a color wheel. To begin with, we are given the basics, the four primaries plus black and white and we see color for a time as these colors but over time with the help of a teacher we learn we can mix the colors and new shades of color are explained. We knew that the primaries and black and white did not quite explain the multitude of shades we were seeing but life and light is stimulating and also distracting from deeply delving into why the color wheel does not stand up to true life perceptional experience. Well, not until we are shown and given permission to look at that question, permission to have that question answered. Now we begin to see the vast array of admitted color perceived by most people. We start to marvel at peoples interpretations of what they see expressed in art which further helps expand our personal perceptions. So, I feel as we grow our interpretations of such childhood stories our interpretations are apt to change as well as I am finding. And just like our introduction to the color wheel we are introduced to different awareness by others as we grow in life. And through our personal experiences and cultivations by others and later our own self cultivations in the back ground of our subconscious minds there turns a new revelation derived at through a favorite childhood story. Throughout this journal I plan to turn up what is going on behind the scenes of my subconscious and see first hand my own personal growth. I trust that if there be truth in these findings that it should also relate to others as well. My pursuits here are my very own and will not rest on popular psychological determinations, however, at times, my conjectures may parallel with other' famous hypothesis which only helps aid me to see the universal truths and perhaps you as well.

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